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The HR tech market is incredibly saturated – in recruitment alone there are over 200 providers of specialised tech and the three fastest globally growing technology sectors are: fintech, cyber and people technology. So how do you navigate what’s right for you and how do you use these technologies to give you a sustainable business advantage?

We segment the market along the productivity curve of your employees.

LACE makes sure that your employees, HR processes and systems are the driving force behind your performance

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Leading technology, the latest trends and a team dedicated to knowing what’s on the horizon

Our experienced HR tech team identifies emerging trends and the latest HR tech to bring you innovative approaches that will positively change the lives of people in your organisation. We combine immense experience with fresh perspectives, constantly learning and evolving how we work. We partner with our friends at tech companies, from market leaders to the fresh sparks at start-ups, to get an understanding of what is on the horizon. Then we provide an agnostic view of the marketplace to work with you on embedding technologies that fit your company culture.

Agile delivery, nurtured by experts

To make any programme a success, you need to be smart and decisive. Tech is moving at exponential pace and your business environment is evolving. You need the ability to adapt your strategy and implement inflight to achieve the greatest business benefit. We’ll act as your dedicated, confident tech coach who understands your business and function intimately.

When you transform your
people the LACE way:

  • Get independent, expert advice, whenever you need it
  • Be supported by a seasoned guide who ‘gets’ agile and human behaviour
  • Choose from the best technology and implementation partners
  • Educate and inspire people about what’s coming

We share a passion and belief that people hold the key to unlocking company value.

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