Transform your HR function

Transforming HR is our passion at LACE – it’s what we love to do.  We share your belief that people hold the key to business performance.  And we’ve worked with many clients to make a fundamental difference to HR’s ability to deliver real value. 

“The future of work is changing.  HR functions need to evolve their services, systems, structures and capabilities to be ready for and harness the change”

Evolving HR

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We know what good looks like

Our team has a powerful mix of operational HR and consultancy experience, globally and across industries.  This means we can help you to re-imagine and super-charge what HR can do for your organisation. We’ve developed tools and methods so we are quick to deploy, whilst at the same time delivering a tailored solution driven by your vision.

Power up your HR function

We will help you to answer the following questions and implement the resulting changes successfully:

  • How is your HR function performing now – what does the business really think of HR?
  • What is the target employee experience – how should employees and line managers access HR services?
  • What is the most effective operating model for HR – how can you strike the right balance between self-service, shared services and local HR support; what are the accountabilities of global, regional and local HR?
  • What capabilities does HR need now and in the future – how can HR build its skills in HR analytics, organisation design and other key areas? 
  • What does being a high performing HR Business Partner really look like – what sort of experience and skills does the HRBP of the future need?
  • How do you select and implement the right people technology solutions for your business – which core HR system meets your needs and what other technologies are out there that could address your top people challenges?  
  • How can you enable line managers to be more effective people managers – how can you explain their responsibilities and support them to be great at what they do?

How it feels to work with us

  • Access to independent, expert advice
  • Support from seasoned guides who ‘get’ your business, HR and change
  • Knowledge and experience to select the right people technology for your business
  • Real creativity in achieving long term behavioural change

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