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Here is an overview of some of the organisations we have worked with and how we’ve worked with them to deliver fundamentally different results.

LACE helps businesses from any sector to succeed with HR and Payroll projects. Our experienced team has worked with mid-size organisations all the way through to global enterprises.

HR transformation case studies


HR operating model review

  • Workforce: 20,000 employees
  • Industry: Hospitality and entertainment
  • Project: LACE Partners were engaged to review the UK HR Operating Model and identify a business case for change (Phase 1). Our team designed a bespoke Future Target Operating Model for the HR Function (Phase 2) along with an implementation plan.
  • Duration: Seven months

Multiple phase HR transformation

  • Workforce: 4,500 employees in seven countries
  • Industry: Fashion retailer
  • Project: LACE Partners were engaged as experts to lead the global implementation of Workday and its aligned technologies. Over the project we built the business case, reviewed client software contracts, outsourced payroll and Workday AMS, designed and implemented a new target operating model for HR, implemented a new clocking and case management system and ensured smooth roll out of Workday globally.
  • Duration: Two years

Elevating client experience

  • Workforce: 45,000 employees in 26 countries
  • Industry: Financial services – banking
  • Project: LACE worked alongside the HR operations leadership to focus on four key outcomes: 1) a client centric end-user experience, 2) enhanced value-add functionality in the HR technology used, 3) metrics to support demand planning and service quality and 4) embed robust stakeholder management.LACE were specifically tasked with identifying current challenges with the service offering to HR and the business, diagnosing and developing solutions for areas for improvement within the case management tool, and creating a standard set of reusable management reports from which strategic decisions could be made.
  • Duration: Six months

Organisation design

  • Workforce: 53,000 employees in 14 countries
  • Industry: Travel & transport
  • Project: LACE was engaged to lead an organisational design review of the client’s operating model for its support functions with a focus on Legal and Procurement as a priority. This included: defining the high level organisational design principles and strategic priorities the Executive Board; developing and executing the OD approach, tools & framework for detailed functional design; facilitiating workshops to design the future state operating model for the Legal and Procurement functions and developing a transition plan to achieve this.
  • Duration: Eight months

Payroll business case & supplier selection

  • Workforce: 50,000 employees
  • Industry: Services Industry
  • Project: LACE Partners were engaged to help the client select between 3 providers for the provision of a new cloud-based Payroll provision. The change covered 3 countries and comprised of developing the business case for change and running a vendor selection process including demos with supplier scenarios.

Payroll data analysis

  • Workforce: 30,000 employees
  • Industry: Aerospace and Transportation
  • Project: LACE Partners were engaged to capture and analyse current Payroll data and then develop recommendations for subsequent optimisation initiatives, including the review of current vendor contracts, across the global Payroll Operating Model in 40+ countries.

Payroll selection and outsourcing management

  • Workforce: 4,000 employees
  • Industry: Fashion Retailer
  • Project: LACE Partners were engaged to align the clients Payroll to a new HRIS. This meant analysing the current Payroll data, identifying critical issues with the Payroll Operating Model, terminating the existing contract with the current provider, and selecting a new outsourced Payroll provider to integrate with the new HRIS.

Human capital process review

  • Workforce: over 400 employees in one country
  • Industry: Sovereign wealth fund
  • Project: The client was looking to review and optimise their current HR processes ahead of a period of growth which will see the current 400 employee base grow to approximately 700. To enable this, the client recognised the importance of translating existing processes into those that are fit for purpose for the HR platform of the future as well as leading edge from an employee experience perspective through the use of personas and employee journeys.

HR adoption and change case studies


Adoption support for Salesforce roll out

  • Workforce: 51,000 employees, 70 countries
  • Industry: Professional services – real estate
  • Project: launching Salesforce to the European business to track the sales pipeline and provide a consistent framework for managing opportunities through the sales cycle.
  • Duration: 18 months

Change management – group-wide implementation of Oracle HCM

  • Workforce: 3,700 staff, in 47 countries
  • Industry: Travel technology
  • Project: After supporting with the global process review and design, LACE were engaged to lead the Change Management workstream for the global implementation of Oracle HCM.
  • Duration: Eight months

DAS implementation & HR acquisition communications strategy

  • Workforce: Over 3,500 employees across multiple US sites
  • Industry: Petroleum refiner and supplier
  • Project: LACE Partners were engaged in partnership with HRx in the company-wide implementation of the Digital Adoption Solution, ADOPT for the client’s Workday and Workforce applications. We also created a repeatable acquisition communication strategy for the HR function to support the communication and onboarding of future acquisitions.
  • Duration: Five months

HR and HRIS Strategy and Workday Adoption

  • Workforce: 115,000 employees across 90 countries
  • Industry: Global aggregates
  • Project: LACE were engaged throughout the rollout of Workday to provide thought leadership on the change management, organisation design and target operating model. We supported the programme leadership team in their implementation, planning and establishment of the program team.
  • Duration: 18 months

Process re-engineering, change & adoption support

  • Workforce: 5,000 UK employees
  • Industry: Defence
  • Project: LACE were asked to focus on the capture and analysis of payroll data to optimise the global payroll operating model. The existing payroll operating model utilised a mix of regional service centres, in-house resources and outsource providers.
  • Duration: Six months

HR technology case studies


European software selection & implementation of Workday

  • Workforce: 4,800 staff across 10 countries
  • Industry: Financial services
  • Project: LACE were engaged by the client to support the HR Team in preparing for their European expansion by being part of the process of software selection and implementation of Workday

Global Workday rollout

  • Workforce: 48,000 employees
  • Industry: Banking
  • Project: LACE was engaged prior to IP’s selection and Workday contract signing. The initial brief was to review the position of the programme and to recommend enhancements which would allow the client to drive the engagement of Workday and their IPs.

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