Managing and optimising your workforce during COVID-19

Supporting and engaging your people in crisis

Watch the on demand version of the webinar here

The second webinar in this series focuses on how HR teams can quickly restructure their workforce so that they can respond to the current Covid-19 crisis and the inevitable long-term economic constraints that will emerge as the year unfolds.

The webinar will be a practical session which will give you guidance on what HR teams need to do in relation to:

  • New policies – Have you defined new policies for things like homeworking, sickness, furlough, etc?
  • Creative engagement – How are you constantly engaging and re-engaging your workforce during their time working remotely?
  • Wellbeing - Prolonged working from home increases the likelihood of physical and mental health challenges – what are you doing to combat this proactively?
  • Leadership behaviours – During times of crisis leaders need to step up and live your values and support their teams. What support are you giving them?
  • Regulation and compliance – As much as we would like to not think of these things when having to move at pace, we will need to reconcile to the regulations that govern our businesses. How will you prepare?
Join us for the second of a three part series. If you didn't manage to catch the first in the series you can find it here -
For more information about the support tools available for HR teams now available, visit our resources section Managing and optimising your workforce during global uncertainty.

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