Creating the ‘new normal’ webinar

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It is never too early to start planning for the recovery and so businesses need to be thinking now about how to transition to the 'new normal' successfully. This webinar – the third in the series by LACE Partners – tackled the final three elements in the 12-point people plan for crisis management and included:
  • Transition to BAU – How will you transition the workforce back to full strength? What factors do you need to consider to do this in a way that optimises engagement and productivity?
  • Retain the home working muscle – Enforced home working has broken taboos and accelerated change for some businesses. How will you retain what works well and use the new ways of working to optimise flexibility and performance?
  • Learn the lessons – None of us want a repeat of Covid-19. But what can we learn from the experience and how can you as HR leaders help your organisation to pause and reflect on this for future periods of significant challenge and change?

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