Getting better with data: The time is now for HR

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HR has made great strides in leveraging people data over the last 18 months, but there is still more work to do, which is why we're hosting this latest webinar focused on the power of data-driven decision making in HR. On 14th July we partnered with Ceridian and looked at:

  • How has HR’s use of data and people analytics changed over the last year-and-a-half?

  • How can the efficient use of people data improve productivity?

  • What are the latest trends evolving? What are the ‘best practice’ approaches to effectively leveraging people data?

  • Where are HR teams going wrong with their use of data? What are some best practice practical tips and advice that attendees could take from the webinar?

  • How do you use people data to balance your hybrid working approach?

  • How can you avoid the fabric of your culture being eroded by leveraging people data in a careful and considered way?

Your speakers for this event were:

We recorded the event live with a stream on our Facebook channel, which you can also watch here.


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