Hello Business Advisor – the future of HR Shared Services

Following the successful launch of the HR Shared Services white paper – The Future of HR Shared Services: Becoming People and Solutions Experts – in November last year, LACE Partners is holding a series of quarterly webinars to explore the trends, challenges and opportunities HR shared service leaders are facing.

In this third webinar, HR shared services leaders from two different organisations will share insights and lessons learned from delivering HR services in complex, multi-geography environments and how talent management is becoming a number one priority for their teams’ future success.

  • How are you managing the challenge of delivering a cost effective, employee-centric service in a complex multi-geography environment?
  • How do you best support ‘long tail’ countries?
  • What capabilities and behaviours will be key to driving future success?
  • What is your talent attraction and development strategy?
  • How do you create a ‘one team’ culture across shared services and the rest of the HR function?
  • What do you think the biggest impacts of the future of work on HR shared services will be?
  • What will most likely define your HR strategy going forward?

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