people_tech: Emerging HR trends webinar

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18th March 2020 @ 1pm

What new trends can you expect to start seeing in the HR tech space in 2020? And how can you keep informed when there are so many different providers out there?

Fear not - LACE Partners' quarterly webinar 'people_tech: emerging trends' can help. We're running this short, informative, session which will look through some of the important developments for HR teams in 2020, plus talking about what we're seeing in areas such as AI and blockchain and how that will impact HR teams now and in the not-too-distant future.

Tune in for this webinar with a Q&A session at the end and get up to speed with all of the latest happenings for HR teams and how you can make the most of the digital evolution of your business.

Your speakers

Lead the discussion will be two of LACE Partners' Executive Team. Find out more about Aaron and Emma by clicking on their pictures below for a bio.

Emma Leonis
Emma Leonis, Executive Director - HR Transformation
Aaron Alburey
Aaron Alburey, Managing Director & Co-Founder


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