The reality of the return

The reality of the return for HR

Watch the 'on demand' version of the webinar here

With businesses preparing to return their employees back to normality, what does the rest of the year hold for HR teams, who have spent three months helping their people to quickly adapt to a completely new way of life?

This webinar looked at what has happened since lockdown, but more importantly, what real life experiences and examples we can learn from for our businesses in the next six months and in to 2021. We heard from two senior HR professionals - Ben Higgins from Société Générale and Caroline Smith from esure - talking through their experiences and what they will be doing when their respective workforces return to the office, answering questions like:

  1. When planning the return to the New 'business as usual' what have you found to be the reality?
  2. How have you approached communications throughout this phase?
  3. What are you managing as your main risks during this transition?

During the webinar a number of questions were asked by attendees and whilst we could not answer all of them during the session, we have created a PDF document which features questions asked by audience members. You can see all of the questions and answers here.

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