Virtually happy - HR in the digi world

Virtually Happy – HR engagement and motivation in the new digi-workplace

Watch the LACE Partners breakout session here

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the workplace forever. The rate of digitisation has been head-spinning. WFH is the way forward, Zoom is the new watercooler and no one's book shelves are beyond scrutiny. Organisations have been forced to change business models in order to leverage technology more effectively. For HR teams, new challenges have arisen as they rapidly shift objectives to support this new way of life. In all the flux, maintaining a consistent level of happiness amongst the workforce is now harder but more important than ever.

Businesses still need to get the best from their people. Whilst technology is an enabler, unless there is positive, open engagement, productivity will inevitably suffer.

This half-day online event explored how to engage people and support managers to positively lead remote teams. It looked at ongoing mental wellness and poses the productivity question: Is your approach making your people happy and engaged? Are they delivering the best outputs as a result?

There were multiple breakout sessions from Laughology, LACE Partners, Access Group and OpenBlend, as well as a general Q&A session at the end. As a reminder, the sessions were:

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