Getting better with data: the time is now for HR

In July 2021 Aaron was joined by Wendy Muirhead and Steve VanWieren from Ceridian, as well as Shelly Voecks from Scott Dunn, to talk about the value that HR teams are now getting from their use of people data and analytics. This is the ‘on demand’ version of the webinar, which you can also watch on YouTube, or via our Facebook page.

Getting HR’s head into the Cloud

In July 2021 Aaron and Max from LACE Partners sat down to talk with Jo Munday from Investec and Matt Jolley from AVEVA about their journey towards getting their HR systems ready for migrating to the Cloud. The team looked at some of the key questions you need to ask yourself as a HR team on what the milestones were, as well as some of the challenges and successes both AVEVA and Investec have had so far.

Hello business advisor

In May 2021 we hosted our third webinar on the future of HR Shared Services, in which we looked at some of the challenges HR leaders face in working across global locations, with regards to maintaining a unified culture, the challenges of adopting tech across different locations, as well as other areas such as global payroll, etc. Watch the on demand version of the webinar here.

Contact your way

In February 2021 we hosted Darren Cornish from Aviva, as well as Iwan Roberts from Facebook, in a webinar which looked at how HR shared services teams can determine the right channel strategy to use to drive engagement, how to continuously improve the digital employee experience, as well as how to strike the balance between human intervention and automation. Click on the link to watch the video on demand.

The Future of HR Shared Services – Becoming People and Solutions Experts

In November 2020 we launched our latest white paper on the future of HR Shared Services. Following on from the launch Emma Leonis spoke to three of the panellists from the white paper research about the findings and what resonated with them from the results of the discussions. Watch the on-demand version of the webinar here.

How does HR get the digital employee experience right?

In July 2020 we ran our latest webinar focused on the increasing importance of getting the digital employee experience right, given the current COVID-19 global pandemic, with many businesses quickly being forced to send large sections of their businesses to remote working. As we exit the lockdown, employee experience needs to be ‘front and centre’ and this was debated in our latest webinar with Luka Winterborne, an employee experience specialist.

View the questions asked by delegates in our FAQs document here.

The reality of the return for HR

In June 2020 we asked two senior HR professionals – Ben Higgins from Société Générale and Caroline Smith from esure – to join Aaron in discussing how they have prepared their business for the return of the workforce back to their respective offices, as well as talking through some of the lessons learned. The ‘on demand’ version of this webinar is listed here.

HR in crisis – the 12-point plan

In April this year, amidst the backdrop of the global pandemic brought about by the Covid-19 virus, LACE Partners has run a series of webinars ran a series of webinars to help HR teams manage their way through the current crisis, then emerge from it able to thrive amidst the uncertainty.

Read some of the key questions asked by delegates during all three webinars – here.

This is the third of the three webinars, looking ahead at what happens next in terms of transitioning to ‘business as usual’ after the current crisis. See the first two webinars below, focused on ‘reacting’ activities HR teams needed to take, as well as ‘supporting’ activities for the business.

Webinar two focused on employee engagement, wellbeing, supporting leaders and managers, as well as what new policies, compliance and regulation need to be thought of in these ever-changing times.

Webinar two focused on employee engagement, wellbeing, supporting leaders and managers, as well as what new policies, compliance and regulation need to be thought of in these ever-changing times.

The first webinar – listed below – ‘HR in crisis – a 12-point plan’ highlighted the first four stages of the plan, including ensuring that your business has a strategic response to deal with the immediate threats, as well as looking at emergency workforce planning, cultural congruence and recovery planning.

People_tech 2020 – emerging trends webinar

Our first webinar on 18th March on the emerging trends in the HR tech space. This webinar, which is the first in a series of webinars, featured an update on what we’re seeing in the HR tech space, hosted by Aaron Alburey and Emma Leonis.

If you’d like to suggest areas of focus in future webinars please drop an email to us – info@lacepartners.co.uk.

You can find some of the answers to the questions that were asked during the webinar here..

You can also find out about some of the latest emerging trends, developments and other HR updates on the HR on the Offensive podcast, which can be found here.