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Date: 26th Jun 2020

Author: LACE Partners

Topic: Employee Experience and Engagement

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Life @ LACE – Pip Anderson

Jun 26, 2020 | HR, HR Tech, Life at LACE

At LACE Partners we’re really proud of the collaborative culture that has developed since we began in 2014. As a team we like to describe ourselves as a big ‘family’ and as part of an ongoing series we’ve been running over the last couple of years, today’s blog is a ‘life @ LACE’ blog. The aim is to give you an insight into the people who work at LACE Partners. Today we’re featuring Pip Anderson, who works in our HR Tech Team.

How did you find out about LACE Partners?

In 2016 I moved from New Zealand to London and was introduced to Aaron, the CEO & Founder of LACE, a few months after I arrived. Looking back, it was our very first phone call that set the tone for my time to come at LACE. Once we had talked through my CV and experience, Aaron mentioned that he had just bought 20 avocados at the market. Yes, twenty! We then proceeded to spend the remainder of the meeting talking about different and creative ways he could use them as that would be “too much guacamole for one man”.

What do you enjoy the most about working at LACE?

I enjoy work when I enjoy the people who I work with. The work itself also matters, but I wouldn’t continue a career at ‘The Fireworks, Candy and Puppy Dog Store’ if I didn’t enjoy the people working there. At LACE it’s more than just having fun, we genuinely care and make an effort to support each other. It doesn’t matter what your job title is, if you’re a long term employee or a new associate working on a three week project, you’re equally a part of LACE where people are there for you as you are for them.

What is your role at LACE?

My role at LACE is a Manager in the Technology Practice, also known as the Tech Team. We develop the methodology for all our offerings that are part of the HR technology lifecycle. This starts with supporting a client develop a strategy for their HR tech, selecting the right system and implementing it, right through to enhancing an existing system.

What does your day-to-day look like?

The majority of my time is spent working on client projects and typically I will act as a Project Manager, responsible for coordinating people and activities to ensure everything is completed as expected. Project work keeps you on your toes; no two projects are ever the same and there is always something new to learn. I like being exposed to different businesses, seeing how they work and gaining different cultural perspectives by travelling to offices across the UK, Europe and the USA. Every project is challenging in its own way and I value the support of my project teams who have all had my back.

Do you feel you and your ideas are valued?

Not long after I started, I floated an idea with Aaron around creating an onboarding experience for contractors and his response was simply, “Go for it”. Since then, I’ve continued to not only feel encouraged to share my ideas but to also follow through and make them happen. A couple of years ago, I was speaking with a colleague about how we wanted to see LACE more involved in the community and we came up with the idea of creating a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Committee. We brainstormed the idea, recruited some volunteers and took it to the team of Execs who were more than happy for us to get on with it and make it happen. The CSR Committee is now an integral part of LACE and is responsible for managing the relationships of our chosen charities, organising fundraising events, promoting volunteer days, supporting employee mental health activities and raising awareness for environmental sustainability.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

I was only meant to be in London for two years before moving back to New Zealand, but when offered the opportunity of sponsorship by LACE to stay on another three years, I jumped at it. Why did I stay? I’m always learning, I can bring my ideas to life and most importantly, I enjoy the people I work with.

We’re always looking to talk to individuals about being part of the team at LACE Partners and our associate network is an ever-growing part of our family. If you’d like to talk to us drop us an email and we’ll give you a call back.

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