Ashley Cary

Ashley Cary

Ashley Cary



HR Transformation
Project Management
Business Research


Ashley has been working with LACE since 2017 and is now in a permanent role working across multiple departments including HR Transformation, Marketing, Research, Technology and on client projects (see below). She has been assisting with technology business strategies, data analysis, project management support, managing the monthly newsletter, articles, and working with the LACE executive board. She is aiming to gain more experience in HR and proactively being involved in its diverse departments.

Prior to LACE, Ashley completed her final year studying in Asia whilst working and volunteering for children affected by the 2011 Fukushima accident. She is a New Colombo Alumni and been an Australian representative on numerous occasions including the Australian Embassy in Tokyo. Ashley is driven by cross-cultural understanding and aspires to be a bridge ambassador in fortifying international communications. She loves seeking out new ways of creative thinking, discovering cultures, photography, the gym (especially boxing!), reading and traveling.


*Bachelor of Asian Studies (Specialist) with Japanese language capabilities, and a double minor in Anthropology and Ethics from Murdoch University (Australia).


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