Karen Dempster

Karen Dempster

Karen Dempster

Senior Associate


Capability Development


HR Transformation

Leadership Development

Organisation Design

It’s my mission to make change a better experience for people in organisations. I work with leaders and teams to translate strategic goals into simple, meaningful actions that connect with individuals. As a result, people are taken on the journey to want to change, rather than it being done to them.

I enable organisations to benefit from listening to employees, to their ideas, views and to understand their motivations and concerns. By combining these insights with what the organisation wants to achieve, we make change happen quicker and it sticks for the long term.

I’ve worked as part of permanent teams and on a project basis to tackle complex and sensitive projects with global and UK clients (see below). This includes the introduction of new ways of working, technology, strategies, activities to shape the employee experience and restructuring.

My background in Marketing and Public Relations support me in taking a targeted, creative and innovative approach to engage internal and external audiences.

I’m also a professional photographer.


*BA (Hons) Public Relations
*Associate of Chartered Institute of Marketing
*Co-author of ‘How to achieve communication success in your school’
*Melcrum Communication Black Belt
*Ensize Puzzle DISC accredited (behaviour style analysis)


Karen has worked across large, global and complex organisations advising CEOs and global function and programme leads, in Financial Services and Learning organisations. She has also worked in smaller UK-based organisations. Her clients have included Zurich Insurance, The Natural History Museum, Pearson Learning, Samaritans, The Wellcome Trust and YNAP (YOOX Net-a-Porter).