Kevin Judd

Kevin Judd

Kevin Judd

HR Tech Manager



Prior to joining LACE Partners as a Manager in July 2018, Kevin worked in a variety of different capacities and organizations, including 12 years in the Royal Air Force, HR roles at Accenture and Service Centre team management at NatWest.

Later as a Microsoft Systems Engineer and Project Manager, Kevin managed technical teams for a large UK Retailer, IT Projects for a Software house in Coventry and Engineering Projects for Rolls Royce across the UK.

Taking a career diversion into a business start-up, Kevin then spent 9 years involved in import/export and the management of the end-to-end process (from design to delivery) of men’s footwear from Portugal, India and China, in to many of today’s major online and high street retailers.

Outside of work and family, Kevin’s interests are centred around self-improvement, keeping fit, emerging technologies, music, films, food and friends.

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