HR Adoption and HR Change

Letting employees know about a new HR system and showing them how to use it is the easy bit – embedding new ways of working into how your organisation manages people every day is the real challenge.

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"Our approach begins by recognising the need to prepare for success"

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It’s about adopting new ways of working, not just a new system

When you implement a new HR system, it’s not just your technology and processes that change. You are asking your employees and line managers to do things differently – it’s about achieving long term behavioural change. And the new system often shines a spotlight on what your organisation really expects its people to do for themselves and their teams when it comes to people management.

What does good look like?

We work with our clients to optimise and realise return on investment by helping them to recognise and achieve the right balance between the training and communications required to launch a new HR system, versus the longer term support required to deliver real adoption. The latter is often omitted from the project plan and budget.

Your business case may include a number of more qualitative outcomes such as an uplift in manager productivity and better absence management through improved reporting. But in reality these benefits can only be achieved if the behavioural change is clearly defined and adoption support is provided to make it happen.

How do we do it?

1. Define the required behaviours and focus on achieving this change in the long term — not just making sure people can use the system at go live

2. Build persona-specific adoption plans — to understand how best to segment your workforce based on differing adoption requirements

3. Get the business to lead the change — with local messaging and methods designed with organisational culture and fun in mind, rather than a one size fits all project or programme approach

4. Build the capability of employees, line managers and HR need to do things differently going forwards.

Rachel and Chris from #TeamLACE discuss what Adoption means to LACE Partners

We also bring to bear leading technology solutions

To help with the practical aspects of the change, including point of need, online help platforms. It’s lasting results, delivered fast and effectively.

Impact and speed matter. We fuse deep and wide people performance, HR and change knowledge with leading, innovative tech to bring you solutions that kick in quickly and really work.

Our approaches aren’t just nimble – they’re robust too. Our eyes are always keenly trained on the future and we make sure our clients’ businesses are primed for it, ahead of the competition.

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We leverage our alliances

With tech and service providers to accelerate our approach and show you the art of the possible in this rapidly evolving market.

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