Managing and optimising your workforce during global uncertainty

The rapid and disruptive change arising from the Covid-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges for HR teams across all businesses, all sectors, shapes and sizes.

HR teams are now having to move at pace, to assess critical priorities as they look to reshape, restructure and build resilience across their workforces.

LACE Partners stands ready to support our colleagues and clients in HR during this challenging time (out crisis management webinar can be viewed ‘on demand’ – see below for more information).

Watch all three webinars – focused on reacting to the crisis, surviving the crisis, then thriving after the crisis, here.

How prepared are you for the transition back to normality? Download our checklist here to find out.

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That’s why we have produced a host of support tools that provide advice and guidance that you, and your teams, can access over the coming weeks and months.

See below for an overview of each of our webinars now available ‘on demand’.

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Webinar three: Creating the ‘new normal’

Watch the ‘on demand’ version now
It is never too early to start planning for the recovery and so businesses need to be thinking now about how to transition to the ‘new normal’ successfully.  This webinar – the third in the series by LACE Partners – tackled the final three elements in the 12-point people plan for crisis management and included:
  • Transition to BAU – How will you transition the workforce back to full strength?  What factors do you need to consider to do this in a way that optimises engagement and productivity?
  • Retain the home working muscle – Enforced home working has broken taboos and accelerated change for some businesses. How will you retain what works well and use the new ways of working to optimise flexibility and performance?
  • Learn the lessons – None of us want a repeat of Covid-19.  But what can we learn from the experience and how can you as HR leaders help your organisation to pause and reflect on this for future periods of significant challenge and change?

HR Supporting and engaging the workforce

HR in crisis - a 12 point plan

Webinar two: Supporting and engaging your people during crisis

Assessing the practical aspects of what HR teams need to do to navigate the Covid-19 crisis remain compliant and minimise risk over this period. Watch the ‘on demand’ version of webinar two  here

Webinar one: HR in crisis – a 12 point plan

  • What people actions do you need to take to manage the crisis now?
  • What do you need to do to sustain your workforce during this period of crisis?
  • What do you need to think of to thrive when coming out of the crisis?

Watch the ‘on demand’ version of webinar three here

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