12 point crisis management plan for HR teams

As part of our ongoing campaign to support HR professionals during this unprecedented time, we’ve created a 12 point plan which is designed to help HR teams understand their current situation, react to any rapid changes, as well as prepare for what the future ‘new normal’ will bring.

You can see an overview of our 12 point plan here.

We’ve also got an interactive checklist of the ‘thriving’ activities that you can use to assess how ready your business is for the return to normality after the lockdown period has been lifted. View the interactive checklist here.

You can find more tools on our ‘Managing uncertainty’ webpage here, which also has ‘on demand’ versions of three webinars that we have run on the 12 point plan, as well as podcasts and other insights.

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Every day we will be launching a new video which provides an overview of each of the 12 points. Click on the video links to watch each video.