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I need to differentiate my people experience

People experience in the workplace is now arguably one of the biggest factors in driving productivity, retaining great talent and differentiating your organisation. People are fundamentally thinking differently about their way of living, craving independence, personalisation, and self-control. Organisations have a sense of urgency to refresh their employee value proposition taking an imaginative look into personalised experiences, fresh look at reward packages offered and new ideas for connecting all their workforce and cementing a sense of belonging. We can help you think differently about your people experiences, your value proposition and put a direct link between these and the productivity of your workforce.

How do we do that?

Designing a powerful, positive people experience isn’t just a box to tick for HR – it can have a significant impact on many parts of the organisation. We will help you understand your experience gaps today, provide recommendations on how to solve them across the employee lifecycle from attracting talent, onboarding, development and simply keeping your talent in the business. We will give you the knowledge and tools to help you measure progress over time and interpret your people data to create impactful insights.

How we can help:

  • Immersive half-day or full-day people experience workshop to inspire and align your leadership
  • Assessment of your current employee experience gaps and expected experience journey’s
  • Actionable people experience and employee experience recommendations to inform your people strategy and digital roadmap
  • Employee value proposition (EVP) – we’ll help you to map out, assess your existing EVP, so that it supports your talent attraction and retention plans
  • Strategic workforce planning helping you to map out your future needs aligned to your business objectives
  • Talent marketplace – assessing your current talent/skills gaps, identifying hidden talent and the movement of talent around the organisation, as well as rethinking how you identify, assess and onboard talent.

What to expect:

Getting your people / employee experience right is a fundamental part of ensuring your people are engaged and are delivering productivity for your business.

As an HR Director, you may be asking yourself:

  • Where is my employee experience falling short of expectation now?
  • How do I gain insights to design and implement the right experiences to attract and retain our best talent?
  • Is my employee value proposition hitting the right spot?
  • Are we giving people the right opportunities to keep them engaged and motivated?
  • How can I get the best from my hybrid workforce?
  • What digital tools will work best to improve employee engagement in my organisation?

Our team of experienced practitioners have a wealth of knowledge working across multiple organisations to ensure that your people experience delivers exactly what you need in supporting the overall objectives of your business. Our knowledge across a variety of different sectors in delivering successful people /employee experience programmes can be applied to your business today – you just have to get in touch.

 The LACE approach:

1. We understand you

Through a combination of our experienced HR professionals and our propriety HR transformation diagnostic tool, we will determine your readiness for change across a number of dimensions (e.g. service maturity, HR capabilities, mindset and technology) and provide clarity and practical advice on where to focus your attention based on your business and people priorities.

2. We inspire and challenge you

Through our half-day or full-day immersion workshop, we will bring inspiration to your team, influence fresh and creative thinking, and bring practical tips on how to drive your new differentiated experience for your people agenda.

Based on your needs we can deep dive into specific topics to help your think broadly about your people experiences such as workforce productivity, strategic workforce planning, talent marketplace and internal mobility or your learning agenda. These tailored workshops are designed for you to help you take purposeful steps to achieve your people experience vision, map out an actionable path and gain leadership commitment and alignment to move forward at pace.

3. We pave the way for you

Our role is to boost your team and support you in your success. Our team will join yours either virtually or in person to ensure you are confident at each step of your people experience transformation journey. We will help you pave a practical path forward to realise your differentiated experiences through a flexible six-to-twelve week set of activities, which outlines the key decisions to make, uses our experience journey templates and accelerators, with our deep understanding of the technology market to advise on your digital tools to bring your new people experiences to life.

4. We co-create with you

Our unique collaborative approach to co-create with you allows us to design the very best solutions for our clients. We don’t have a ‘cookie cutter’ archive of HR solutions; we work alongside each of our clients to create and deliver a personalised approach using our experience and people experience assets and accelerators to guide our design and build something that works for you.

5. We get it done

We show our value through the results we bring and your positive experiences along the way. Every project we deliver comes with defined objectives which we will tick off with you as we get you from A-to-B and we can bring expertise to complement your team to implement your desired people experiences from programme management, specialist HR professionals, data and technology architects or simply “phone a friend”, which is a unique retainer arrangement that you can call upon as you need to act as your sounding board, to stress test ideas or help you unblock a barrier along the way.

Case study

Global insurer and investment management organisation

Click through the project to learn how we did it. 

LACE Partners were engaged to help shape the client’s HR Transformation agenda over an initial 16-week period by taking an employee experience led approach.

  • Conducted a series of three HRLT ambition workshops to define the overall employee experience (EX) vision and agree a leadership change charter to support the programme’s success.
  • Analysed ‘voice of the employee’ data (e.g. Glassdoor, internal pulse survey trends, leaver data etc.). We identified four critical journeys for the first phase of experience design.
  • Defined EX design principles in line with the wider CX (customer) principles, to tie a red thread between EX and CX.
  • Held virtual design workshops with HR, ‘persona’ and cross-functional representatives (e.g. IT, Facilities) to understand employee pain points and the technology and non-technology solutions needed to address them.
  • Identified and prioritised ‘quick wins’ and the people, process and systems initiatives required to deliver transformation in the medium and longer term to develop the overall transformation roadmap and case for change.
  • Designed the targeted experience for four experience journeys – desired ‘outcomes’, ‘feelings’, and ‘needs’ across key moments in each of the journeys (e.g. ‘I want to join’: I am told the outcome, I prepare to join, it’s my first day, I complete my probation)
  • Identified 67 quick wins associated for the client to implement as part of ongoing continuous improvement.
  • Designed a continuous improvement approach and methodology for reviewing, assessing, and improving the journeys.
  • Defined a repeatable EX journey design approach to provide a best practice framework for the client to continue further EX journey design and build their internal capabilities.
  • Refined the client’s two year HR transformation roadmap, high level business case and case for change narrative, reframing it from a systems-led transformation to an EX-led one that covered people, process and systems interventions.

Where are you in your journey? Perhaps we can help?

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