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I need to solve my payroll challenges

Our job is to take the stress and noise out of your payroll problems. We can help you with payroll vendor selection if you are changing provider, or support you if you want to optimise what you already have. Our team can provide a pulse-check to illustrate how your payroll is functioning currently, including a detailed global analysis, giving you the insight you need to get the best out of your payroll. 

How do we do that?

Our technology agnostic team has a powerful mix of operational payroll and consultancy experience, ensuring you choose the right payroll system and tailor it to your business. Our goal is to build confidence in your payroll and create an end-to-end solution that you can be proud of.   

How we can help:

  • Global and local payroll strategy and health-check 
  • Payroll vendor selection and business case development
  • Expert market insight and provider quality assurance
  • Evaluating and optimising your existing payroll systems and processes
  • Parallel run test planning and management
  • Managing your end-to-end payroll implementation programme

What to expect:

Our expert team are able to support at any point during your payroll transformation. We can help identify your problems, speed up your deployment, optimise your service or just provide you with expert independent advice.

If you are looking for a new payroll provider we are able to assess your existing payroll landscape, working with you to define your requirements and build a robust payroll roadmap.

We are totally independent of payroll technology providers and will give you our unbiased expert opinion on which technologies are best suited for your organisation. Our team works as a seamless extension of yours, injecting senior specialists and additional support as required.

So whether you know you have a problem and need support to identify why, have made the decision to change providers and need support with any phase of that process, want to perform a health-check on how your payroll service is running, or just need some independent advice we can help.


The LACE approach:

1. We understand you

Our team have a powerful mix of operational and consulting experience, enabling us to really understand the challenges you may be facing and provide personalised solutions. We will not focus solely on Technology, Processes, People or Policy and will ensure we build a full understanding of your challenges in order to properly advise the relevant solution. Typically we will begin with a series of interviews or workshops to build our understanding of not only your organisation and the current challenges, but also your aspirations. During this phase we will also ensure we build our understanding of your broader business and people strategy to inform our analysis and recommendations. It is about putting ourselves in your shoes and ensuring we deliver what is required in order for you to achieve success.

2. We inspire and challenge you

We pride ourselves in being brave enough to tell you the truth. We aren’t afraid to suggest alternatives and we will give you our honest expert opinions. Experience has told us this is the fastest route to excellence, even if it can sometimes mean revisiting the drawing board. Once we have built a full picture of your business and the challenges that need to be resolved we will be open and honest with our recommendations, even if that means starting again, or in some cases fixing something else. Our experience tells us that not all payroll challenges can be resolved in payroll, and sometimes a shift in approach may be required to truly and permanently resolve your challenges.

3. We pave the way for you

Our role is to boost your team and support you in your success. Our team will join yours either virtually or in person to ensure you are confident at each step of your payroll transformation. By the time we leave your team will be ready to continue your great work without us. Wherever we have recommended or implemented new technology, new ways of working, or supported you in changing the way your payroll team are structured, we will provide you with the mechanism to maintain success, through robust vendor KPI monitoring or service management tools.

4. We co-create with you

Our unique collaborative approach allows us to design the very best solutions for our clients. We don’t have an archive of templated HR and payroll solutions; we work alongside each of our clients to create and deliver a personalised dual approach. We will ensure that solutions, implementation plans and recommendations are suitable for your organisation, and are delivered in a manner that befits your companies culture.

5. We get it done

We show our value through the results we bring and your positive experiences along the way. Every project we deliver comes with defined objectives which we will tick off with you as we get you from A to B. Shaping and delivering a successful change programme requires specialist skills and experience so we focus not only on our deliverables and the promises we have made, but also on building capability within your teams and being pragmatic in everything we do.  We act as your trusted partner bringing together skills to complement your team and drive your successful outcome.

Case study – Payroll assessment and target blueprint 

Computer software company

Click through the project to learn how we did it. 

The client was a global technology organisation that has experienced amazing growth in recent years. They have expanded to over 45 countries around the world and acquired three companies in 2018 alone. Recognising the challenge that this expansion could represent in terms of their business operations, their payroll team identified the need to standardise and align their practices and ensure global processes were in place throughout the company, to prepare them for their next phase of growth.

Based on their requirements and our recommendations, we were able to deliver:

  • An Executive Summary of their current processes and challenges
  • Advice and recommendations on how to optimise their resources and systems to best serve a global workforce
  • A selection of a new provider
  • New processes end to end from HR to Payroll
  • Revised governance model and payroll calendar timings

This ensured that all employees receive accurate and timely salary payments processed in a cost efficient, automated and compliant manner.

Our key deliverables and successes included:

  • Assessment of client’s current payroll services, including a revision of payroll data and processes (focusing on five of the 49 countries where they operate)
  • Blueprint for future delivery of international payroll including:
    • Interface options, requirements and costs
    • Process enhancement recommendations
    • Improvements to governance
  • Training and change management:
    • Training to support processes discovered during blueprinting sessions to ensure teams understand best practices in how to review data for payroll processing.
    • Deliver training to the HR/Payroll organisations.
    • Change management communication/communications timeline in support of the project.

Where are you in your journey? Perhaps we can help?

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