We are fundamentally different

Who we are

LACE was set up in 2014 by our founders, Aaron and Cathy. They recognised that the modern workforce needed something fresh so they combined their big four consultancy experience with a fresh approach to client delivery: empowering people through innovative technology.

Take a look at the work we have done and how some of our clients have benefited from this approach.

Find out about some of the awards we’ve won.

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Our values and beliefs

We're passionate
We always act with care
We're innovative

“LACE started as a little family nucleus and has simply grown from there”

Why we're fundamentally different

We love making a positive difference to people's lives at work
We are energised by being part of the talented LACE family
We believe in being at the forefront of future thinking ideas

Our culture makes us different

In 2018, we won a Lotus Award recognising what makes LACE different – our culture. We don’t leave it to chance; we nurture and live it in all that we do.

Lotus Award Winner

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