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In February 2021 Consultancy UK ran a feature on some of the HR trends our team had predicted for 2021. Click here to read the article and see what trends were predicted.

In January 2021 LACE Partners were featured on after announcing that former Accenture Managing Director for HR Transformation Liz Sanders was joining the team. The Article also highlighted a 2021 HR trends piece that LACE Partners wrote. Click here to view the full article and announcement.

In May 2020 we were featured on the online version of The HRDirector. The piece is from Cathy and looked at one of the startling stats from a recent LACE webinar – that 89% of HR professionals suggested that they had no plan, or were still developing a plan, for the transition back to ‘business as usual’ following the global pandemic. Click here to view the full article.

In April 2020 we were featured in an online HR Magazine article looking at how HR can help to support and step up when a leader of an organisation has been suddenly stopped from performing their duty (like Boris Johnson during the Covid-19 global pandemic, in which he contracted the virus). Click here to view the full article.

In March 2020 Emma Leonis from LACE Partners was featured in an article assessing what process mining is and how it is finding its way into the vocabulary of HR Teams. Click here to see the full article.

In June 2019 LACE Partners launched its white paper ‘HR on the Offensive’ and in the July edition of HR Magazine we were featured with an overview of the findings from the report. Click here to view the article

In April 2019 our Co-Founder Aaron Alburey was interviewed in an article about choosing the right tech selection. You can find a copy of the interview in the hard copy version of April 2019’s People Management magazine.

In July, following the launch of ‘HR on the Offensive’, HR Grapevine ran an overview of the findings of the whitepaper in their online news section. Click here to see the article.

In August 2019 our Co-Founder Aaron Alburey was featured in ERP Today magazine online and in print, providing readers with insight on what to look for when shopping for new technology for their business. Click here to see the article.

In August 2019 the ‘HR on the Offensive’ whitepaper was featured in Consultancy UK as an online article, with the focus on what HR leaders can do to ‘up their game’. Click here to see the article.

Aaron Alburey was featured in September’s People Management magazine – in hard copy print – for advice on what HR professionals need to think of when selecting a chat bot partner.

When our Marketing Director Chris joined the business in July, Consultancy UK ran a piece which quoted Chris and Co-Founder Aaron Alburey, as part of LACE Partners growth strategy in 2019. Click here to see the article.

In October 2019 HR Grapevine ran a feature in their online magazine which profiled ‘HR on the Offensive’. Click here to see the article.

Our Co-Founder Aaron Alburey was featured in the October 2019 edition of HR Magazine, in a tech supplement, with the article entitled ‘Building Blocks’.

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