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I need to digitise my workforce, delivering value and insights

Organisations want to move to the Cloud and digitise their workforce to deliver increased value and provide insights. From thinking through the experience and capabilities you need in your next generation of digital people systems, to developing your HR technology roadmap, we can support. If you are looking to build a business case, or are deciding on the right systems for you, we will help you make the right choices to maximise your investment in digital enablers and people analytics. We focus not just on the immediate product decisions, but more importantly, how the choices made will impact your broader people systems landscape, as well as how your current processes and data will evolve in the Cloud.

How do we do that?

Our product-agnostic team of experienced HR technology practitioners use our proven methodology, templates and tools, to help shape and structure your journey to the Cloud. We are in a unique position to provide advice on the leading HR products and how to integrate them with your current processes, technology, and data to maximise value and drive adoption for a successful transformation. We can support you throughout your journey to the Cloud; whether you are at the very beginning, are in mid-transformation and would like an external view, or want to understand the art of the possible to optimise your existing Cloud technology. 

How we can help:


  • Cloud readiness
    • Leadership alignment, as-is assessment, roadmap and case for change
    • Experience and service design and Cloud support model
    • Product and System Integrator selection
    • Business case
    • Preparing for transformation – Data, process, and key design decisions
  • Agile Cloud Implementation
    • Provision of client-side implementation specialists including programme and project management, programme office, solution architects, testing and deployment, change management and adoption
      Business case realisation
      Independent Programme Assurance (IPA)
  • Living with the Cloud
    • Cloud operating model definition, assessment and optimisation
    • Post go-live Cloud solution optimisation
    • Periodic health checks

What you can expect:

Our digital transformation experts bring a wealth of experience and lessons learnt from implementing all aspects of HCM and workforce digital Cloud technology. We put employee experience and workforce productivity at the centre of our approach, focusing on the value and insights your next generation of systems will provide over what you have today – after all, they are likely to be with you for the next decade or more, so ensuring you have thought through the foundations of your next generation of systems is critical. We tailor our proven approach for your organisation, right sizing our approach for your level of complexity and the scope of the journey you are considering. Our team can work seamlessly with yours (either in-person or remotely) injecting senior specialists and additional support as required.

As an HR Director you may be asking yourself:

  • How do we improve our digital employee experience?
  • How do we migrate to the Cloud / what do we need to do to optimise our existing Cloud platform?
  • Which products should I be considering?
  • What is the case for change?
  • My technology is painful to change, how do I get more agile?

We tailor our proven approach for your organisation, right sizing our approach for your level of complexity and the scope of the journey you are considering. Our team can work seamlessly with yours (either in-person or remotely) injecting senior specialists and additional support as required.

If you are specifically digitising your payroll we have a complete service for that, which you can review here.


The LACE approach:

1. We understand you

Your value case and roadmap begin with where you are today. To help shape your journey we take the time to understand your current landscape, constraints and pain points – not all of which will be solved by jumping to the Cloud. We seek to understand your aspirations and consider them within the broader context of your business and people strategy. Our discovery sessions typically begin with a set of structured workshops and executive interviews to rapidly build out the starting point for your digital transformation roadmap, articulate your key value leavers for change, and develop an aligned vision of your eventual destination. We put ourselves in your shoes to understand your organisation, what characteristics drive change for you and provide you practical hints and tips to be successful.

2. We inspire and challenge you

We will develop your vision of a digitally enabled workforce through immersion workshops to challenge and confirm your people function, service and experience ambitions. We will use these insights to recommend initiatives and supporting technology, showing you how as an HR leader, you can create organisational value by investing in digital enablers. Our team will bring inspiration, influence fresh and creative thinking, and provide practical advice on how to drive your digital agenda. We will connect you with industry HR experts, clients, and strategic partners.

3. We pave the way for you

To connect you with your digital future, we will lay out a practical roadmap to move you forward in digestible stages, aligned to your value case and with logical gating to manage and control risk. Underpinned by years of experience of supporting businesses through their digital transformation, we will help you crystalise your digital vision and desired outcomes, building a realistic plan and case for change.

4. We co-create with you

We pride ourselves in truly embedding ourselves into your organisation and creating a truly collaborative “one team, one dream” environment. We will guide your team and key stakeholders through our structured methodology, sharing our tools and experience to co-create with you. 

5. We get it done

Shaping and delivering a successful change programme requires specialist skills and experience. We focus not only on our deliverables and the promises we have made, but also on building capability within your teams and being pragmatic in everything we do.  We act as your trusted partner bringing together skills to complement your team and drive your successful outcome.

Case study: As-is assessment, HR technology strategy and roadmap, business case and product selection

We worked with a global technology and data organisation to build their HR technology roadmap and choose the right technology for them.

Click through the project to learn how we did it. 


The client had recently undertaken two large acquisitions, resulting in more than doubling their employee population and creating a fragmented HR systems landscape.

After a recent pulse survey, it was evident that their employee experience was being impacted, potentially by tools that were no longer fit for purpose. LACE was engaged to develop an as-is state assessment, HR technology strategy and roadmap, business case and product selection to support their HR technology transformation. 

LACE examined the end-to-end as-is HR technology landscape globally. By conducting HR, IT and business stakeholder interviews we were able to identify high-level system requirements and understand the capability and gaps in existing systems.

Where there were gaps, LACE developed a roadmap of potential project solutions which either:

  • Fixed the foundations of HR
  • Maximised the use of current systems or
  • Implemented new technology 

We created a tool to assess the benefits and execution of the projects to support prioritisation and identifying dependencies.
This allowed us to develop our client’s future technology roadmap, along with the associated resource profile, costs and a sustainable delivery approach.

During this project we also assessed the current Workday platform within one of the acquisitions to determine if it was fit for purpose more broadly. We also developed the Product RFP based on 1,500+ requirements and facilitated the selection of the new platform through a competitive RFP.

We like to leave our clients with something to remember us by. For this client, we left them with:


  • A clear articulation of the business’ priorities and the implications these had on HR service delivery and technology, ensuring alignment of focus across the leadership team.
  • A plan for how existing HR technologies and tools could be optimised (’take to makes’).
  • Recommendations on potential new technologies to fulfil gaps in functional requirements based on priorities.
  • A robust business case focused on operational and experience outcomes, aligned to business priorities.
  • A pragmatic programme roadmap coupled with people resource requirements.
  • Approval from mangement board for programme business case and product selection.

Where are you in your journey? Perhaps we can help?

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