The employee experience revolution:

‘Five steps to successful EX’ whitepaper

LACE is on a mission to change the way organisations approach employee experience. We’ve been calling it our EX revolution.

No more ‘fluffy’ reputations or niceties, it’s time to talk cold hard commercials about EX. 

It’s time to be an EX-pioneer.

We’re challenging HR to think much more broadly about the factors influencing employee’s daily experiences. Not just because we want happy colleagues – but because it plays such a huge role in business success.

It’s time for the People function to collaborate with IT, facilities, analytics and more to join the dots to have commercial conversations about EX at board level.

Revolutions famously take more than five steps to ignite lasting change, but we think these guidelines are a great place to start.

What’s in this guide?

Our guide is broken down in five steps for success, with practical advice, tips, further reading / listening / watching to unlock the power of employee experience in delivering business value:

five steps to successful Ex whitepaper - employee experience revolution
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Step 1: Create a robust EVP

Learn how to create a robust employee value proposition (EVP) that meets the expectations of candidates and employees.

Get clarity on challenging questions such as:

  • How clear is your EVP?
  • Are you delivering on your promises?
  • How are you listening to your employees to know what they want and think about their experiences at work?
  • How confident are you that every employee is aware of the opportunities and benefits your organisation offers?
Step 2: Be critical of today’s employee experiences

Explore how to take a true critical eye of today’s employee experiences, and find answers to challenging questions like:

  • Do you have a robust approach for all aspects of your employee experience strategy?
  • Have you identified and engaged with the stakeholders who are responsible for the different aspects of the experience?
  • Do you have the data and insights to understand the current experience and identify opportunities to reduce the gap between ambition and reality?
Step 3: Drive business value using data and insights

Understand how to leverage data and insights to help drive business value and tell a compelling story at C-Suite level and across the business. You’ll also have the chance to reflect on some challenging questions, such as

  • How effectively are your EX metrics linked with your desired business outcomes?
  • Are your data collection methods transparent, purposeful, and aligned with ethical considerations?
  • Can you explain the link between EX improvements and overall business
    value to key stakeholders?
Step 4: Use key stakeholders to co-own the EX agenda

Delve into how to get ‘buy in’ to ensure that key stakeholders feel like they own the EX revolution. Challenge yourself:

  • How can we empower employees to actively participate in shaping their
    own experience and the EX agenda
  • Which stakeholders own the various components of the EX in your
  • How can you ensure strong leadership buy-in and commitment to co-ownership of the EX agenda?
Step 5: Be the catalyst for change from the C-Suite to the frontline

Learn how to make our EX revolution a true catalyst for change in our business.

Download our guide now for a deep dive of each step, access to expert blogs and podcasts and practical advice on how to get started.

Meet the authors

Cathy Acratopulo

Founder and Managing Director

Cathy co-founded LACE with Aaron Alburey in 2014. She started her career in Barclays where she worked in various HR roles before joining Accenture to focus on HR consulting.

Cathy is passionate about helping clients to achieve their HR goals through transforming the HR function. Her specialisms include developing people strategies, designing future HR operating models and delivering long term adoption of HR systems and new ways of working. As a Managing Director of LACE, Cathy also manages key client relationships and drives the operational performance of the business.

Kat Bernardes


Kat joined LACE Partners in Feb 2022 as a Director to focus on our People Experience proposition. Kat has over 10 years’ of consulting experience working with global organisations across a range of industries; architecting and delivering complex HR Transformation and People Experience programmes.

Kat has a passion for People Experience and believes it is critical to put people at the heart of how HR operates and delivers services to its customers. She has a ‘Big 4’ heritage and likes to lead with a pragmatic and innovative approach – connecting the dots between technology, process and people.

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