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People and workforce analytics

Stop using gut feel, and drive value through insightful decision making.

How we can help you

Leverage data-driven insights

Our People and workforce analytics service turns your aspirations into reality.
We help you overcome challenges in making people-related decisions by leveraging data-driven insights. Our goal is to empower you to embrace the full potential of people analytics. With our expert guidance, you can enhance data management and reporting practices, ensuring accuracy, relevance and broad adoption.

Offer an unbiased perspective

We provide an unbiased perspective on technology, maximizing existing tools while exploring new processes, technology, and data sources.
Beyond the technical, we consider the bigger picture of your HR technology roadmap. Armed with proven methodologies, templates, and tools, we enable you to embed analytics into HR services and decision-making processes. Our aim is to shape your journey towards people analytics excellence, whether you are just starting or seeking an external viewpoint.

Build a sustainable model

We can help build you a sustainable, scalable model for success, generating engagement and support from HR colleagues and business sponsors, delivering tangible workforce benefits. Our People analytics experts bring you a wealth of experience in various HR functions and business contexts. Our pragmatic approach delivers quick wins, fostering stakeholder engagement and momentum for further investment in people analytics. We focus on using analytics to provide insights on opportunities and challenges, granting a distinct advantage in making crucial decisions.

Our solutions are designed with your broader business in mind, aligning with the HR technology roadmap and overall people strategy. Whether you’re seeking to integrate analytics technology or review your people strategy, we are here to provide valuable support.

What makes us fundamentally different:

We prepare a diagnostic to understand your current people analytics capability, your ambition, and the gaps to be addressed.

We work with you to build a foundation in people analytics across your HR and people team.

We will help you upgrade your data management and reporting, ensuring accuracy, relevance, and widespread adoption.

We will co-create a value case to invest in analytics systems and people analytics capability.

We deliver change and programme management for people analytics, ensuring seamless implementation.

We are committed to fostering engagement in people analytics across all your stakeholders.

Meet our team of experts

Rebecca Addison

Senior Manager

Julian Holmes

Client Executive Director

Nancy Allen


Multinational data analytics company - People and workforce analytics

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