How is your analytics team benchmarking success?

by | Jun 20, 2024

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How is your analytics team benchmarking success?

In the latest episode of the HR on the Offensive podcast, Chris discusses how organisations can benchmark their performance in the people and workforce analytics space with Aaron Lynch and Johanna Clarke de Dromantin from LACE’s people analytics team.

How can you evaluate the maturity of your people analytics team?

Traditional methods for measuring the maturity of analytics include descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytics. However, Johanna points out that this framework might not suit all organisational needs. She emphasises that having predictive capabilities does not necessarily indicate a mature analytics function if it is not aligned with the business strategy or addressing the right questions.

Often, HR leadership teams feel they are not acquiring the right data, or it’s not presented in a usable format. This misalignment can hinder effective decision-making and indicates a maturity gap. Many organisations are still new to people analytics and need help understanding their current position and potential improvements.

Johanna points out increased pressure on HR to deliver data comparable to other business functions like sales and finance. While new technologies are tempting, organisations often overlook foundational aspects such as data quality and alignment with business needs. She highlights the importance of having the right skills and behaviours in place to make effective use of analytics tools.

What is the PWA Navigator?

It’s a free survey designed to help organisations assess their analytics maturity based on LACE’s maturity framework, which includes six key themes: strategy, systems and data, reporting and analytics, operating model, skills and behaviours, and self-perception. By gathering input from various stakeholders, the Navigator offers a comprehensive view of an organisation’s strengths and areas for improvement. This tool serves as an initial step toward deeper engagement and enhancement of people analytics capabilities.

Listen now to to discover how you can evaluate the maturity of your people and workforce analytics teams. If you would like to complete our survey follow this link

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