How can you use data and insights to optimise your employee experience?

by | Jan 25, 2024

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How can you use data and insights to optimise your employee experience?

In this episode of the HR on the Offensive podcast, Chris and Cathy Acratopulo introduce the co-founders of Engage Andy Brown and Sarah Jordan to discuss the evolution from descriptive engagement data to a more strategic, outcome-driven approach in order to optimise employee experience. 

Andy and Sarah elaborate on Engage’s data-driven approach. They advise starting with the desired business outcomes first and then working backward to optimise the employee experience needed to achieve those outcomes. They highlight the need for clear accountability in the data and dashboard, involving leaders, managers, and HR to drive the organisation towards the right goals. 

What role can data analytics play in understanding diverse employees’ needs?

The discussion transitions to the importance of segmentation. Andy provides examples of using techniques such as cluster analysis to identify different personas within an organisation. By utilising this technique, they were able to identify various employee personas which led to tailored strategies for different groups. 

Does there need to be a shift from descriptive data to predictive analytics?

Andy highlights the significance of identifying key drivers for engagement and employee experience, enabling organisations to focus on strategic priorities. The use of predictive analytics can establish a link between employee experience and broader business outcomes, such as productivity, profitability, and customer outcomes. 

Can engagement data still be useful?

If applied appropriately, then yes. Integration of engagement data with business outcome metrics, allow organisations to demonstrate ROI to the C-suite. The data analytics can be applied to solve specific business challenges, such as return to the office and productivity levels post-pandemic. 

Listen now to learn how data-driven insights contribute to a more nuanced understanding of your employee needs. 

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