The employee experience revolution

Forge experiences that drive employee happiness and business success.

The employee experience revolution

To help you in your role as a Chief People Officer (CPO) and HR Leader, we are kicking off a series – the employee experience revolution  where we will provide you with thought-provoking articles, podcasts, videos and events. Watch the intro video.

Why do you need an employee experience revolution?

Research tells us that extremely low numbers of employees are truly happy with their experience at work – Gartner suggests it may even be as low as 13%. Unengaged employees are not productive employees, and they are unlikely to stay in your organisation for long.

The EX revolution series will focus on how you can strengthen your employee value proposition (EVP) and deliver excellent experiences to your team.

Over the next few months, we will explore why transforming EX is critical to delivering business value and provide CPOs with exclusive insights, actionable advice and live events to become a true catalyst for change in the organisation.

Prologue: The EX revolution

The indisputable case for employee experience

burst #1

Burst #1: The indisputable case for employee experience

Our series begins with an exploration of the commercial outcomes of brilliant employee experiences. Happy employees are not just a ‘nice to have’ but rather essential in business success.

  • The power of EVP
  • EX vs CX
  • Business value
  • Latest research

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What is wellbeing's role in the EX revolution?

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How do you quantify the business value of investing in EX?

Crafting holistic experiences

burst #2

Burst #2: Crafting holistic experiences

Your employee’s connection to your organisation isn’t limited to one channel, technology or team. It’s time to think bigger about how all the workplace interactions come together to represent your culture and organisation.

  • Physical vs digital
  • Hybrid working
  • Tech enablers
  • Listening strategy

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How can you craft holistic employee experiences?

EX revolution - crafting holistic employee experiences
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Leveraging your physical workspace to boost productivity and engagement

EX revolution - leveraging your physical workspace
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What does a holistic approach to EX look like?

EX revolution - What does a holistic approach to EX look like?
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Why employee listening is key to good experience

EX revolution - leveraging your physical workspace

Lessons from the C-suite

burst #3

Burst #3: Lessons from the C-suite

Investment in EX needs executive buy-in, and we are here to show you how to leverage people data to get the backing you need. Hear from our CEO guests to learn what will turn heads at board level.

  • CEO insights
  • People analytics
  • EX data points
  • C-suite buy-in

Be an EX pioneer

burst #4

Burst #4: Be an EX pioneer

Together we can change what ‘good’ looks like in terms of experience. We are ready with practical advice on how to build powerful teams, great examples from clients and tools to speed up progress.

  • Practical advice
  • EX-centric OD
  • Skills mapping
  • Client stories

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