Why cultural alignment is key to business success

by | Oct 19, 2023

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Why cultural alignment is key to business success

Employee experience revolution - LACE PartnersThis podcast is part of our broader employee experience revolution campaign that explores the significance of employee experience in the context of business culture and performance. Chris, Cathy Acratopulo and Kat Bernardes welcome on two guests from Dragonfish; Strategy and Research Director Andree Gowar and Managing Director Niall Cluley.  

They have come together to discuss Dragonfish’s latest research on cultural alignment and its impact on business value and performance. Dragonfish are a culture and performance consultancy that specialises in measuring, shaping, and strengthening organisational culture to attain better business outcomes and sustainable growth. 

What was the research focusing on?

The primary goal of the research, out soon, is to make culture less subjective and more tangible. It represents a shift from the traditional focus on employee engagement to a more holistic approach that includes brand and customer alignment. The research findings reveal that top-performing organisations excel in brand and customer alignment, areas that are frequently overlooked in engagement surveys. 

Aligning vision, purpose, values, and strategy is identified as a crucial step in providing employees with a clear roadmap, enabling them to understand their roles and contribute effectively to the organisation’s success. Additionally, the research highlights the significance of involving employees in shaping an organisation’s culture. 

Effective leaders set the tone and empower managers to have confident conversations about culture. The research encourages leaders to establish a connection between employees and the customer experience. Insights derived from customer data should be shared throughout the organisation, allowing employees to make decisions that enhance the customer experience, even if they aren’t directly involved in customer-facing roles. 

Is culture solely HR’s concern?

The research-driven approach provides a measurable way to discuss and improve culture within organisations. It acknowledges the importance of brand and customer alignment alongside employee engagement.  

Listen now for some practical steps you can use to enhance your organisation’s cultural alignment, including fostering clarity, creating a compelling narrative, empowering managers, and connecting employees to customer insights. 

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