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Prologue: The employee experience revolution

by | Oct 12, 2023

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Prologue: The employee experience revolution

In an ongoing environment of rapid change and economic uncertainty, the pressure on Chief People Officers (CPOs) and HR leaders to deliver bottom-line value through attracting and retaining critical talent has never been greater. 

While we continue to teeter on the brink of recession with volatile interest rates and political uncertainty, the one constant has been the high level of employment. While the labour market is starting to show some signs of cooling, there is still huge competition for critical skills and talent. As a result, the balance of power remains with the employee. And what employees want from their employers has shifted significantly over the past few years.

It’s a make-or-break moment. CPOs need to act with agility and decisiveness to understand and deliver on the expectations of their employees and candidates.

They need to set out compelling promises that attract the best talent with a crisp employee value proposition (EVP) and then deliver on these promises with purposeful employee experiences (EX) to re-connect, re-energise and retain employees while promoting a healthy level of performance and productivity.  


This isn’t the time for playing it safe: CPOs need to lead an employee experience revolution.



A holistic approach to employee experience

Over the next few months, we will explore why transforming EX is critical to delivering business value. Trealise the full potential of your investment, LACE believes in taking a holistic approach to EX.

Our model goes beyond the traditional boundaries of the employee lifecycle and considers the different strategies and approaches needed across the physical, digital and human experiences required. 

In today’s hybrid working world, this lens is more important than ever.


Beyond this
, we also believe it is vital to look outwards at the organisation
s purpose, values and customer connections. 

Underpinning all of this is the need to have the right data and insights to guide solutions and investment decisions and to continually evolve the experience.

This is when the true value of EX is realised – when it is actively designed, managed and embedded in all parts of the organisation.



What’s coming?

Over the next couple of months, we will provide you with an integrated view of how you can strengthen your Employee Value Proposition and Employee Experiences to be a catalyst for change in your organisation.

We’ll be breaking it down into a few ‘bursts’ of insights – explore them below.


Burst #1: The indisputablecase for employee experience

Employee experience isn’t just about making employees feel good at work, it’s about driving business value. 

We will explore and debate how EX can deliver commercial outcomes for organisations, identifying the measures of success and the indisputable connections between the EVP, EX, customer experience (CX), employee engagement and business value.  

We are excited to discuss the themes from the brand new research conducted by our friends at Dragonfish, and hear first-hand, the lessons learned from marketing and customer experience colleagues.  


Burst #2: Crafting holistic experiences 

HR leaders need to think beyond the realms of HR to harness amazing experiences at work.  

We will discuss the different approaches required across the physical, digital and human aspects of work and how a continuous listening strategy is key to ensure that the experiences meet the evolving needs of employees.  


Burst #3: Lessons from the C-suite

Connecting employee experience to business value is critical to get the C-suite onboard and to unlock investment and impact.   

We will focus on how to demonstrate the impact of investing in employee experience and how leveraging the right data is key to landing EX on the executive agenda.  

We will be joined by CEOs and CPOs to get their perspectives on how they have successfully elevated employee experience at the board. Our LACE Analytics experts will join us to share practical tips on how to create a holistic EX dashboard.  


Burst #4: Be an EX Pioneer

It is time to go from inspiration to implementation, to build an EX-centric People function with the right mindset and capabilities.  

We will explore practical advice for CPOs on how to build their teams and their Employee Value Proposition alongside their employee experience. Our final burst will feature inspiring client examples and a deep dive of our LACE approach and tools, to help you accelerate your EX ambition.  

We will share success stories from some of our clients to date, focusing on the approaches taken and lessons learned.  

Join the employee experience revolution

This is only the beginning and we can’t wait to have you on the journey with us! Use the form below to sign up for our LACE Insights ‘EX Revolution’ series and get ready for fierce discussion, actionable insights and exclusive opportunities to connect with other HR professionals.

In January, we will host a live CPO event, a day filled with inspiring speakers, panel discussions and networking.

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