The successful CPO: Election special
The successful CPO - Election special
The successful CPO: Election special

The countdown is on.

The general election will be held on 4th July 2024.

As politicians and industry leaders prepare for the general election and a potential new government, so should your board and executive leadership peers get preparing and proactively be considering the implications of the outcomes.

With a short lead time before voting begins, the polls are in full flow, and voting intention data from YouGov from late May 2024 (but prior to the election announcement) shows that 46% intend to vote Labour and 21% Conservative. You can also see an interactive overview of voting intentions on the YouGov website here.

Without a vote cast, and with our recent political history, we know it can be very difficult to confidently predict outcomes, but these results give us a good indication that there is likely to be a change of government in the coming weeks.

The successful CPO - Election special

In this whitepaper, we look into the crucial role that the CPO should play in preparing for and mitigating the impacts of a general election on our workforce and our employees’ experience. From anticipating policy shifts to encouraging open communication with employees, we explore some of the strategies and best practices that are key to ensuring organisational readiness and resilience in the face of political transition.

This report was originally produced for our CPO network, which is an invitation-only, peer networking collective of CPO/CHROs who regularly meet to share insight, best practice and build their own network as a community.

We regularly provide bespoke content for this community, as well as giving them a platform to meet both in person and virtually/online. Given the recent announcement of a general election, we thought our wider community of friends and followers of LACE would also be interested, so we’re sharing with you now as a download. Fill in the form below to get your copy.


Businesses and employees have an ambitious wish list if they hope to benefit from a new government post-General election. Some of the suggested enablers can drive business innovation and expansion while ensuring a skilled and adaptable workforce, but spending on critical public services may well take priority.

However… we are likely to see short term changes that go some way towards supporting business growth and employability. How that is delivered will depend on which party governs, and how they prioritise.

Debbie Mitchell, LACE Partners

Download this whitepaper to:

  • Get a head start in your preparations for the possible outcomes of the upcoming election
  • Understand the HR and wider business implications of policies from each of the main political parties
  • Learn about the challenges and opportunities for businesses during this period of change
  • Get our expert input on how to leverage the UK growth and skill-building incentives to boost productivity in your organisation
  • Download our checklist for successful election preparation
  • Hear about changes from both an employment law and pay and benefits perspective via our two guest contributors:

Download a copy of the whitepaper through the form below:

“Be mindful of roles in the public sector, expecially central government, as a new administration is likely to merge/shake up/rename certain departments.”

Meet the authors

Cathy Acratopulo

Founder and Managing Director

Cathy co-founded LACE with Aaron Alburey in 2014. She started her career in Barclays where she worked in various HR roles before joining Accenture to focus on HR consulting.

Cathy is passionate about helping clients to achieve their HR goals through transforming the HR function. Her specialisms include developing people strategies, designing future HR operating models and delivering long term adoption of HR systems and new ways of working. As a Managing Director of LACE, Cathy also manages key client relationships and drives the operational performance of the business.

Debbie Mitchell

Debbie Mitchell

HR Transformation Senior Manager
Debbie is an experienced HR professional, having worked in several generalist roles across different industries, geographies and functions, and later specialising in Organisation Development, focussing on organisation design, cultural change, employee engagement and business change in a global role at a FTSE10 company.

She facilitates leadership development programmes for high-potential and emerging leaders and graduates and coach clients from new to experienced business leaders.

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