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Why us

At LACE Partners we consider ourselves a family. It’s true – even our organisation chart is a ‘family tree’! When you spend so much of your time at work, you need to make sure you are in an environment that is welcoming, has a culture of innovation, passion, pride and care for each other.

We like to think that is exactly what you get when you are at LACE – whether as an employee or an associate – which is an environment where you can enjoy what you do, deliver the best results for the HR teams and businesses we work with, as well as having some fun along the way.

We have a dedicated engagement team who are responsible for ensuring that all of our people are happy and engaged, whether remote working or in our office, as well as a CSR Team who help to support the work of some fantastic causes that we get behind every year.

We are also often asked to comment in the press, because our voice as the leading fundamentally different HR consultancy in the UK positions us to comment on some of the latest topics trending in HR. 

Check out some of the LACE social activities, group meetings and other pictures from LACE Partners over the years

Our values

Our values mean a lot to us – they are what embodies being a LACEr and we are proud of who we are, what they are and how it represents us. Watch this short video to see what it feels like to be a LACEr.

If you are interested in a career as a LACEr, or you’d like to find out about our Associate opportunities (you’ll be treated just like one of the family too – don’t worry!), then reach out to us by filling in our Careers Form on this page here.

Even if you don’t see a role that is a suitable fit for you on the vacancies page, we have opportunities and new client work all of the time so fill in the form at the bottom of the page and we’ll get in touch.


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