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Empower your organisation to attract and retain top talent, and deliver on your promise with exceptional experiences that leave a lasting impression.

In today’s rapidly changing landscape, businesses face two significant challenges: attracting and retaining top talent. With employee expectations at an all-time high and the demand for evolving skills, organisations find themselves grappling with a critical question: “Why are we struggling to attract the talent we need to succeed?”

The key lies in establishing a clear and authentic employee value proposition – a compelling promise you make to your employees in exchange for their commitment. Attracting top talent hinges on this proposition.

However, equally crucial is ensuring that the reality of the employee experience aligns with that promise to retain this top talent.  When employee expectations go unfulfilled, it leads to poor engagement and attrition. Many businesses wonder, “We have a great employee value proposition – so why are people still leaving?” or “How can we shift the dial to retain top talent and drive workforce productivity amidst poor engagement?” 

By addressing these fundamental challenges, your organisation can create an environment that not only attracts but also retains top talent, leading to increased engagement and overall productivity. It’s time to strike the right balance between the promises you make and the experiences you deliver – driving lasting success for both your employees and your business.

How we can help you

Unlock business value through exceptional experiences

At the heart of our approach lies the drive to unlock business value through exceptional employee experiences, supported by a robust methodology (what we call the LACE Way) to define and measure the true worth of the investment you make. Our focus is on making sure people and technology interact in every part of an employee’s journey, and everything fits together smoothly. We go beyond just implementation; our mission is to empower your team through upskilling in experience design, giving you a clear plan that you can use again and again to ensure you always provide great experiences for your people.

A flexible and tailored approach to meet your needs

We help you create a strong story that connects what HR wants to do with what’s good for the business. This way, everyone in the organisation becomes an advocate and focuses on making better people experiences. With a sprint-based approach, we tailor and adapt our strategies to deliver maximum value based on the insights gathered. Our holistic vision connects the dots between your employee value proposition (EVP), employer brand, and people experience, ensuring that employee expectations are not only met but exceeded.

We emphasise authenticity, we rigorously test our EVPs on employees, ensuring that what is written aligns with staff emotions (is ‘the deal’ you offer what you say?), motivations, and ambitions. Our commitment goes beyond design; we also support the successful launch of your EVP and offer strategies to seamlessly embed it within your culture, processes, and ways of working.

What makes us fundamentally different:

We connect the dots between your EVP, employer brand and people experience.

We take a sprint-based and insight-driven approach to deliver the most value.

We emphasise authenticity and test our EVPs on employees.

We use a robust approach to define and measure the value of your investments.

We upskill your team in experience design and leave you with a repeatable framework.

We support with your EVP design, launch and development of strategies.

Meet our team of experts

Cathy Acratopulo

Managing Director and Co-Founder

Aaron Alburey

Managing Director and co-Founder

Emma Leonis

HR Transformation Executive Director

Liz Sanders

Client Executive Director

Ed Sparkes


Kat Bernardes


Becky Jones


Evan Wynne


Martina Salander


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