How can organisations effectively integrate pragmatic AI in HR?

by | Jul 4, 2024

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How can organisations effectively integrate pragmatic AI in HR?

In the latest episode of the HR on the Offensive podcast, Chris dives into rapidly evolving topic of AI in HR. He is joined by fellow LACErs Aaron Alburey, and our resident AI expert Charlie Frost, to discuss the practical uses of AI in HR.

What is pragmatic AI?

It refers to a practical, results-oriented approach to implementing AI within an organisation.

HR conferences are now abuzz with AI discussions, yet many HR professionals are still seeking concrete steps to leverage AI effectively. Aaron points out that the market is witnessing a surge in AI-related consulting, but the real challenge lies in understanding how to pragmatically implement AI within HR functions.

What is the broader implication of AI?

It has the potential to enhance employee experiences through personalisation and customisation. However, the integration of AI should not lead to an overabundance of systems; instead, it should streamline operations. Additionally, there is also a need for senior practitioners to bridge their AI knowledge gaps through continuous learning and upskilling.

What practical steps can HR professionals take to start their AI journey?

Aaron emphasises the importance of having an AI policy and governance structure in place. He also suggests appointing dedicated individuals – like Charlie – within the HR function to explore and experiment with AI, ensuring that the organisation remains innovative while managing risks effectively.

Listen now to learn how you can better navigate the complexities of AI integration, enhancing your HR functions and overall business operations.

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