How can HR leaders navigate the future with AI?

by | May 30, 2024

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How can HR leaders navigate the future with AI?

The latest HR on the Offensive podcast, hosted by Chris, delves into leadership and future AI advancements. Joined by LACE AI expert Charlie Frost, LACE Co-Founder Cathy Acrotopulo, and guest, Nick Chatrath, Managing Director of the Artesian Group. The discussion centres around his book, “The Threshold: Leading in the Age of AI” which addresses the intersections of AI advancements and leadership.

Nick explains the reason for writing his book, was the varied predictions about AI’s impact—from optimistic to pessimistic. He categorises these views into “bloomers” and “doomers,”, respectively, emphasising this critical moment in history due to rapid technological advancements.

How is AI reshaping leadership roles?

Nick outlines three key areas: readiness to think critically, enhancing traditional critical thinking skills, and adapting these skills to the AI-driven landscape. He highlights that leaders must understand the scientific method and data interpretation to make informed decisions, even when AI models provide probabilistic outcomes that might initially seem uncertain.

Cathy raises the necessity for leaders to hone their critical thinking in the face of AI-enabled transformations. Stressing the importance of embodied intelligence, which stems from human experiences and intuition, and maintaining human judgement in decision-making processes. Nick advocates for keeping purpose at the centre of AI integration, ensuring that technology serves human goals and values.

Charlie adds that nurturing independent thought and avoiding over-reliance on AI outputs is crucial. He underscores the need for leaders to balance data-driven insights with independent thinking to make well-rounded decisions. Nick also emphasises the role of cultivating stillness, a concept from his book that helps leaders’ recharge and enhance productivity. Practical examples include mindfulness practices, such as deep breathing and taking intentional breaks.

Listen now to learn how fostering adaptive leadership, can help HR and organisations navigate the uncertainties and opportunities presented by AI advancements.

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