How can HR unlock employees’ potential through effective mentoring?

by | May 16, 2024

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How can HR unlock employees’ potential through effective mentoring?

In this follow up to our “Mentoring in HR – how can it be used?” podcast, Chris and Debbie Mitchell are once again joined by Charlotte Watmore, the Inclusion and Diversity Project Manager at Wates Group, and Charly Young, the CEO and co-founder of both The Girls Network and the Equilibrium Gender Collective. They discuss the theme of mentoring, particularly focusing on the quantifiable outputs and impacts of these programs.

Charly emphasises the need for clear communication about the purpose of mentoring initiatives and the importance of measuring outcomes like increased confidence and career progression She notes that it can play a crucial role in positively influencing both senior leaders and organisations. Additionally, mentoring initiatives can use data to identify areas for improvement and drive meaningful change within organisations.

What challenges do mentoring programs face?

Time commitment can become an issue as both mentors and mentees may struggle to find sufficient time for regular meetings and maintaining the relationship. It can also be challenging to assess the impact and success of these programs, as the benefits are often long-term and qualitative. However, overcoming these barriers can foster a culture of mentorship.

Both Charlie and Charlotte highlight the importance of internal and external communication channels. They discuss strategies such as culmination sessions, ambassadorship, and awards ceremonies to celebrate and promote the success of mentoring initiatives.

Listen now for valuable insights into the intricacies of mentoring programs and how you can quantify the outcomes.

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