How can leadership shape culture and drive engagement?

by | May 2, 2024

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How can leadership shape culture and drive engagement?

On the latest HR on the Offensive podcast Chris delves into the critical role of leadership in building organisational culture and enhancing employee engagement. Chris is joined by Andy Brown, co-founder of Engage, and Pete Thomas, owner and director of Team Fit Limited. They explore various aspects of leadership’s impact on culture and engagement, shedding light on key insights and practical strategies.

In this podcast we discuss:

  • The critical role of leadership in shaping organisational culture and driving deeper employee engagement.
  • The various aspects of leadership, including its impact on culture and performance within organisations.
  • Practical strategies and approaches for improving leadership effectiveness and fostering a positive organisational culture.

Andy and Pete emphasise that leaders must be intentional about shaping culture, not just allowing it to evolve passively. They highlight the importance of leaders defining the “what” and “how” of the organisation, setting clear objectives aligned with the overall strategy, and fostering behaviours that reflect the desired culture.

Leaders play a pivotal role in employee engagement. They need to engage employees with the organisation’s mission and strategy. This engagement drives various business outcomes, from talent retention to customer satisfaction, ultimately impacting the bottom line. At LACE we are fanatical about the indisputable case for employee experience in driving business value, so chat with us if you still need persuading!

A critical aspect emphasised by both Andy and Pete is the importance of data-driven approaches to engagement. By measuring engagement and its impact on business outcomes, leaders can understand its significance and drive necessary changes effectively. This includes involving leaders early in the process, aligning engagement efforts with business goals, and communicating the results transparently throughout the organisation.

The podcast underscores the essential link between leadership, culture, and engagement in driving organisational success. Listen now to learn how leaders can take ownership of these areas, recognise their impact, and adopt proactive approaches.


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