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People strategy and CPO advisor

We can be a CPO’s critical friend, helping bring an independent perspective, pragmatic challenges, fostering personal development, and translating your business goals into impactful people outcomes.

Whether you’re a newcomer to the role, the business, or an established leader, you may find yourself torn between fulfilling business needs and delivering aspirational experiences for your people. Balancing the roles of people experience advocate, leadership team member, and functional head can feel like an intricate juggling act.

You value a trusted sounding board, a critical friend, and a fresh perspective. You embrace challenges and value independent thinking. Making decisions about where to invest time, money and effort for your people function to drive substantial business value is the central focus point of your role. You want to impact the bottom line while ensuring a positive people experience for your colleagues. Striking the right balance amidst potential conflicting demands, you understand every action must align with the delivery of business goals. 

How we can help you

Translate your business goals into people outcomes

How are you making sure that the goals set out by your whole business are aligned to what your people can deliver?

People strategy is the business articulation of how your wider strategy will be achieved from a people perspective, focusing on leadership, culture, talent, skills and the HR organisation.

It’s important to regularly review your strategic people and HR goals, particularly during periods of change. By doing so you can ensure your business goals translate into people outcomes and build an operational plan to make it happen. Our team of experts is here to help you define your strategy and your plan for success.

Provide an independent perspective

Are you looking for an extra pair of eyes to be that ‘critical’ friend that will give you the benefit of external experience? 

We challenge you – and your function – providing external perspectives and leading practical suggestions. We delve deep into what you do, offering you prompt, honest, and independent perspectives from a position of credible experience – because we’ve walked in your shoes. 

Uncover the hidden value of your people function

How do you know that you have a ‘best in class’ People Team, who others would want to benchmark their success against?

We can provide a fast-track, structured, independent assessment of your People function; a three to six week diagnostic, across the breadth of the services you provide, delivering a clear actionable prescription for an impactful, healthy People function.

We build a full picture of your business, your strategy and how your people function is performing, and we consider the impact it has on business ambition and people experience. These rich insights allows us to assess, make market comparators and draw strong conclusions and recommendations based on experience and deep HR professional heritage. The result is a health report and prescription to help you prioritise, invest and optimise value.

CPO coaching

Are you looking to make your mark as a Chief People Officer (CPO) / Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) and you’re looking to get an impartial view from others with a wide variety of experience?

We can help you with informal, professional coaching – we’ll be your ‘critical’ friend and mentor supporting you as a CPO as well as your senior people function leads to:

  • Have positive impact in the first 100 days
  • Influence and impact the C-Suite
  • Successfully lead a significant People function
  • Drive implementation of a people strategy

What makes us fundamentally different:

We provide an independent perspective and pragmatic challenges.

By truly understanding your operational context, we help you set realistic yet ambitious action plans.

We provide a fast-track, structured diagnostic that assesses the full health of your people function.

We help you regularly review your strategic people and HR goals and translate them into people outcomes.

We coach leaders to build a best-in-class people function.

Meet our team of experts

Debbie Mitchell

Senior Manager

Aaron Alburey

Managing Director and co-Founder

Cathy Acratopulo

Managing Director and Co-Founder

James McLintic

Client Executive Director

Emma Leonis

HR Transformation Executive Director

Sian Beacham

Client Executive Director

Liz Sanders

Client Executive Director

People strategy for customer experience transformation company

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People strategy for customer experience transformation company
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