How will the general election impact HR?

by | Jun 13, 2024

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How will the general election impact HR?

In this episode, Chris and fellow LACEr Debbie Mitchell discuss the topic of the general election and its potential impact on HR. Our newest whitepaper, “The successful CPO: Election special” provides an overview of the main parties’ positions on employment the potential implications for HR professionals.

The whitepaper provides a comprehensive analysis of several critical topics, including enabling business growth, building skills and capabilities, and incentivising work. Debbie and the team have written this guide to help CPOs and HR teams navigate the economic, social, and political factors that could influence the HR landscape post-election. Download the whitepaper or listen to this podcast to understand how businesses can better prepare for and adapt to any new policies or regulatory changes that may arise.

We examine the vital responsibilities of the CPO in preparing for and mitigating the effects of a general election on our workforce and employee experience. This includes anticipating policy changes, fostering transparent communication with employees, and implementing strategies and best practices to ensure organisational preparedness and resilience during political transitions.

Our whitepaper’s guest contributors Paul Chamberlain, Partner and Head of Employment at JMW Solicitors LLP and Gethin Nadin, CIO at Benefex offer a diverse blend of insights into the changes from both an employment law and pay and benefits perspective.

Listen now to get ahead of the game and get ready for change. If you would like to read our whitepaper you can download a free copy here.

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