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Our Associates tell us that working with LACE Partners is like being part of the family and truly a part of the team. That is the experience we want to give to anybody who undertakes projects working with and on behalf of LACE Partners.

We have Associates working with us today who have been working with the company since Aaron and Cathy founded it. It matters to us that when you are working at LACE you feel like you are not just on a contract, but part of a team working hard to deliver the best for its HR clients. Check out some of our Life@LACE’ blogs, written by some of the regular Associates we work with to get a feel of just what it is like to be a LACE Associate.

You can register with us for a role we are currently working on or, if we don’t have anything right now, get in touch using our vacancies page and we’ll get back to you for an initial chat.

Quotes from some of our Associates

“I love the variety and flexibility that being an Associate brings. I have been able to take on such a variety of different projects in terms of their duration (everything from two days to 16 months), focus (start up, transformation, restructuring, revamping) and expertise required”

“When you associate with LACE, in comparison to some of the other consultancies I work with, the associates really feel like part of the family. It gives you a quasi-team to be part of”

“I have particularly enjoyed the freedom in terms of set methodologies that you must follow. There are guidelines, people, experts, but everything within the business is adapted to what the needs are of the clients you are working with. There are no pre-formed ideas as to what you are going to deliver; it is about listening to the challenges and working in partnership to provide the right deliverables based on the requirements of the client.”

Reach out to us to see what opportunities we have available