What impact will AI have on HR in 2024?

by | Feb 1, 2024

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What impact will AI have on HR in 2024?

What implications could AI have for the HR functions? Chris speaks to LACErs Tim Ringo and Charlie Frost as they delve into the world of AI adoption and its impact on the future of work. Charlie is our AI lead here at LACE so direct any AI questions his way!

In this podcast Tim and Charlie discuss the crucial role AI can play in the realm of decision-making and productivity. Tim tells us about the transformative potential of AI, likening its impact to the commercialisation of the internet. However, he also cautions against overhyping its capabilities, stressing the need for clarity on its limitations. 

Key takeaways include: 

  • The practical implications of AI adoption in HR, addressing concerns such as data security and organisational readiness.  
  • Organisations need to broaden their digital transformation to fully harness AI’s potential
  • How HR professionals will need to upskill to leverage AI tools most effectively  
  • The opportunities for HR to apply AI and move into new ways of working 

What does the future of AI adoption look like in 2024?

Tim and Charlie predict a widespread adoption of generative AI across teams and organisations. According to them, AI will become more like personal assistants for employees, aiding them in their tasks and making them more efficient. Moreover, they reckon there will be exciting advancements in AI technology, such as AI-powered headsets into the workplace, which could potentially replace traditional devices like keyboards and mice.

Listen now to hear the full discussion about how the People function can leverage AI for informed decision making, boosting productivity and more.

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