Why should HR professionals engage with communities?

by | Jan 11, 2024

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Why should HR professionals engage with communities?

In the latest HR on the Offensive podcast, Chris introduces guest Sharon Green from Chiara Consultancy Ltd. They provide HR development interim management, coaching and consultancy specialising in people management and L&D and OD during times of business growth, development or change.

The focus of this episode is on communities and their significance, from an HR perspective. Sharon, an experienced HR professional, shares insights into the power of communities, emphasising their impact not only on HR but also on a business as a whole. 

The HR Interim Networking Community on LinkedIn has over 2000 global members, the community caters to HR professionals working independently as coaches, consultants, or solo HR practitioners for small to medium-sized enterprises. Sharon emphasises the importance of communities in overcoming the potential loneliness of working independently. 

The conversation explores the challenges faced by HR professionals, especially those in leadership roles, in building personal brands and engaging in communities. Sharon advocates for authenticity, encouraging individuals to be themselves while participating in social media and communities. She highlights the importance of purpose in community involvement, urging HR professionals to consider what they can contribute as well as gain from these networks. 

The podcast also touches on the value of exploring diverse perspectives beyond HR, such as marketing, business development, and technology, to enhance one’s understanding and approach to HR challenges. 

The discussion shifts to the practical aspects of engaging in communities and the need to carve out time for these activities. Sharon suggests being selective in choosing communities, experimenting with different groups, and finding the right balance between quality and quantity of engagement. 

Listen now for valuable insights into the role of communities in the HR landscape, emphasising the importance of authenticity, purpose, and a balanced approach to community engagement for HR professionals. 


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