Is the traditional LMS dead?

by | Dec 7, 2023

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Is the traditional LMS dead?

In a recent HR on the Offensive podcast, Chris engages in a thought-provoking discussion with Nelson Sivalingam, the CEO of HowNow, exploring the concept of “The Death of the LMS” as presented in HowNow‘s latest whitepaper. HowNow is a platform dedicated to seamlessly integrating learning into daily work routines, emphasising the necessity of making learning an integral and meaningful part of the work experience. 


Nelson highlights three key challenges identified as the “three nails in the coffin of the LMS.”  

The first challenge revolves around the scattered nature of learning resources, dispersed across various systems both within and outside organisations. Nelson underscores the importance of unifying this dispersed content through integrations and advanced AI to create a searchable platform. 

The second challenge addresses the disconnect between learning content and the crucial moments in an employee’s workflow. Nelson advocates for delivering relevant learning content precisely when needed, aligning with the learner’s moment of necessity. Drawing parallels with the efficiency of Google search, he stresses the significance of contextual relevance in learning. 

The third challenge focuses on the inadequate measurement of learning impact, criticising the common practice of tracking completion rates and time spent learning. Nelson argues for measuring the application of learned skills, highlighting that without effective measurement, organisations remain uncertain about the true impact of their learning initiatives. 

Organisations need to recognise the limitations of traditional LMS and adopt innovative solutions aligned with evolving workforce needs, in an effort to reshape learning strategies for greater effectiveness and impact. This ultimately signals a shift from a content-centric to a skills-first mindset in the realm of workplace learning. Listen now for practical strategies that address these challenges. 


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