What can the Global Sentiment Survey reveal about L&D trends?

by | May 25, 2023

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What can the Global Sentiment Survey reveal about L&D trends?

In this episode of the HR on the offensive podcast, Host Chris and Chris Horton welcome Donald H Taylor, Network Chair at Emerge Education, as a guest. As a part of the podcast, we discuss his Learning and Development Global Sentiment Survey and what it reveals. 

It has been running for more than ten years now, and the survey has gradually expanded in terms of the number of respondents with  3,396 participants from 100 countries.  

It consists of three core questions:  

  • What will be hot in workplace learning and development in the coming year?  
  • What is the greatest challenge for the respondents in the upcoming year?  
  • And where do they work? 

Donald, an experienced professional in the learning and development field, shares his background, and highlights his involvement in various roles within the industry. He emphasises his current focus on helping individuals and professionals adapt to the demands of the 21st century. 

Can we use AI to introduce new tools to enhance productivity? In this way, the public may be less inclined to worry that AI is going to take their jobs away from them. As Donald points out, it is imperative that we take a level-headed approach to technological advances such as AI in the field of L&D. L&D professionals should try to actively engage with AI-related discussions on platforms like LinkedIn and experiment with AI technologies to understand their potential benefits and limitations. 

Listen now for an insightful discussion on the Learning and Development Global Sentiment Survey, highlighting the importance of staying informed about emerging technologies like AI in the L&D field. 


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