Does HR have a branding problem?

by | Nov 30, 2023

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Does HR have a branding problem?

Chris and LACE Manager Georgina Sutton speak to guest Jocelynne Thompson, Director of People Strategy and Transformation at Virgin Media O2 to discuss if HR has a branding problem. The conversation centres around the perception of HR within the business world and addresses the challenge of enhancing HR’s branding and communication. 

Why does HR often struggle to position itself strategically within organisations?

While HR professionals increasingly see themselves as strategic advisors, the broader business community often views HR as a support function dealing with problems reactively. Georgie underscores the importance of HR effectively conveying its proactive and forward-thinking initiatives to the wider organisation. 

Jocelynne adds her perspective on the essential role of a growth mindset within HR. She highlights the significance of HR being willing to take calculated risks and stresses that HR should align its internal and external branding with its value proposition. Authenticity in HR’s branding is crucial to a strong employee value proposition and ensures that there is no gap between the promises made and the actual experiences of employees within the organisation.  

The conversation also explores the importance of HR taking an outside-in perspective and staying informed about broader economic and commercial trends. Jocelynne envisions a future where HR guides organisations as people-led entities right from the start, rather than being an afterthought. 

Overall, this podcast episode delves into the challenges HR faces in branding and positioning itself as a strategic partner within organisations. It emphasises the need for HR to adopt a proactive approach, align its branding with its value proposition, and contribute to shaping organisational strategies in the future. 

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