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The office ‘lull’: Can individual energy management lead to improved productivity?

by | Nov 16, 2023

The latest episode of the HR on the Offensive podcast has Chris joined by fellow LACEr Liz Bailey, to explore the concept of an “office lull” at the end of the day in the context of remote and hybrid work. Liz challenges the notion of a lull, asserting that individuals lead busy lives, making it difficult to pinpoint a specific downtime.   

The conversation evolves into a discussion about energy management versus time management. They stress the importance of recognising and embracing individual differences in energy levels and how people operate at various times of the day. Liz introduces the idea that working from home and hybrid models offer a unique opportunity for companies to recognise and accommodate diverse energy management needs, contributing to a more flexible and productive work culture.   

They explore the impact of introversion and extroversion on energy, acknowledging that different people thrive in various environments. They discuss the challenges of aligning team members’ energy levels during collaborative efforts and the importance of creating a culture that supports individual energy management. 

Chris and Liz touch on the concept of psychological safety, emphasising the need for individuals to understand themselves and feel empowered to communicate their preferred working styles. The conversation concludes with reflections on the importance of self-acceptance and adaptability, recognising that not every day is the same and that flexibility contributes to improved productivity and wellbeing. 

In essence, this podcast explores the dynamic nature of energy management, emphasising the need for self-awareness, open communication, and a supportive workplace culture. Listen now to learn how you can navigate the complexities of individual energy levels and optimise team collaboration. 

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