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How can neuroscience insights drive psychological safety and high performance?

by | Nov 9, 2023

In this podcast Chris and LACE change management expert Liz Bailey speak psychological safety with Dr. Marcia Goddard, a neuroscientist and Chief Culture Officer at The Contentment Foundation. They discuss various aspects of culture, and the impact of stress on individuals and organisations. The Contentment Foundation focuses on promoting wellbeing in individuals and communities. It offers resources, programs, and initiatives aimed at enhancing mental health, psychological safety, and overall life satisfaction. 

Marcia highlights the lessons that businesses can learn from the high-performance culture within F1 teams. The focus is on creating an environment that fosters innovation, encourages speaking up, and embraces a “no blame” philosophy. This approach can lead to improved performance and adaptability, even in industries that may not appear as high-stakes as Formula One. 

There are some individuals who are susceptible to stress caused by change. Marcia delves into the neuroscience of how the brain responds to unpredictability and discusses how fostering psychological safety can reframe stress as a challenge rather than a threat, ultimately boosting resilience and creativity among employees. 

They also explore the physiological reactions to change and how individuals and organisations can mitigate the negative impact of stress. Marcia encourages organisations to consider the importance of self-analysis and the need to create a learning environment that encourages embracing mistakes. 

Listen now for insights into how individuals and organisations can work to reduce the negative impact of stress and foster a culture that promotes innovation and adaptability. 

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