How does investment in wellbeing drive productivity and performance?

by | Jul 20, 2023

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How does investment in wellbeing drive productivity and performance?

Our latest podcast focuses on wellbeing and productivity. Joining Chris is fellow LACEr and published author Tim Ringo. The conversation revolves around Tim’s book, “Solving the Productivity Puzzle,” which explores the impact of wellbeing on productivity. Tim’s book links perfectly links to a campaign we’re having around “Redefining workforce productivity” which challenges businesses to look at what they mean when they talk about productivity. 

How can companies align their purpose with employee motivations while fostering a purpose-driven culture?

Tim explains the five dimensions of organisational wellbeing that mirror the individual aspects: 

  • Company purpose 
  • Leadership actions 
  • Organisational practices 
  • Team dynamics 
  • Job and work conditions 

Tim also discusses the role of team dynamics and the need to create a supportive environment for employees. He concludes by highlighting the value of measuring wellbeing as well as the emerging technologies that can support wellbeing initiatives. 

How can companies attract the next generation?

Tim acknowledges the changing mindset of younger generations, who prioritise aligning their values with their work. The contrast of the different needs of workforce for example between a Gen Z and a protiree is also a theme Tim covers in his work.  

Tim highlights the shift in dynamic as the importance of wellbeing is now recognised by organisations and leaders, with many holding CEOs accountable for promoting wellbeing. This can be attributed to not only attracting young workers but also a cultural shift over the course of the pandemic. 

Should organisations become more purpose driven?

It’s important for organisations to have the ability to create a compelling purpose, even in industries that may not appear glamorous. Tim discusses the notion that almost any organisation can make its purpose attractive to the right individuals. 

This podcast discussed a variety of topics including the interplay between wellbeing and productivity, exploring individual and organisational dimensions and the importance of aligning purpose, leadership actions and work conditions with employee motivations. Listen now for an insightful discussion on how happy employees make the best workforce.

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