Is employee listening the key to shaping organisational culture?

by | Oct 12, 2023

Employee Experience and Engagement
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Is employee listening the key to shaping organisational culture?

Chris and Cathy Acratopulo welcome Simon Smith, Chief People Officer of Aston Martin, as their guest to discuss the crucial topic of employee experience and employee listening. Simon highlights its significance, particularly in smaller organisations where understanding employee feedback is paramount. 

Their conversation explores the changing landscape of employee listening methods, emphasising the shift from traditional annual surveys to more frequent and real-time approaches. Simon notes the limitations of surveys and the necessity for continuous, listening to effectively gauge employee sentiment. 

Simon outlines Aston Martin’s approach to employee feedback, which includes a mix of formal and informal methods, such as roundtable discussions, one-on-one sessions, exit interviews, and listening groups for diverse employee segments, ensuring that all voices are heard. 

Simon discusses the value of personal conversations, underlining the importance of creating a comfortable environment for employees to share their thoughts. He also highlights the significance of course correction based on employee feedback, with some issues prompting immediate action and others contributing to long-term cultural change. 

The role of technology is also explored, with Simon mentioning the potential of AI tools for real-time sentiment monitoring. However, ethical concerns and the need for employee trust in data handling are also acknowledged. The final point of discussion was on the quality of information obtained through different listening methods, highlighting the depth and context that two-way conversations provide. 

 Listen now for valuable insights from Simon into the evolving landscape of employee listening, stressing the importance of real-time feedback, personal interactions, and ethical considerations when incorporating technology. 

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