Is the grass always greener? Why perspective matters in employee experience

by | Aug 17, 2023

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Is the grass always greener? Why perspective matters in employee experience

In the latest episode of the HR on the Offensive podcast, host Chris and fellow LACErs Ed Sparkes, Romy Hobson, and Liz Bailey delve into a discussion about the relationship between corporate culture and organisational performance. 

What is the significance of corporate culture within organisations?

There needs to be a balance between maintaining a consistent culture while allowing for necessary adaptation. The conversation pivots to the impact of individual employees who become central figures, influencing the culture of a company. While these individuals can be valuable, cultures should ideally outlast any single person and be sustained by strong leadership. 

Recruitment and its role in shaping corporate culture

When recruiting, there is a debate around how much it matters to hire because of a “cultural fit” or whether you should embrace employees that think differently to yourself or the rest of the team. Organisations should aim to align values and communicate the employee value proposition (EVP) accurately during recruitment as to foster a positive culture. They also discuss the challenge of maintaining a unified culture in larger organisations with diverse locations and teams. 

Is there a link between culture and business performance?

A positive culture leads to engaged employees, which, in turn, improves productivity and performance. While discussing the potential impact of unhappy employees on culture and performance, they offer practical advice on fostering a positive work environment and addressing any cultural misalignments. One piece of advice includes implementing listening channels and identifying sources of dissatisfaction, improving morale and fostering a healthier culture. 

As the episode wraps up, they share their final thoughts. Liz emphasises the importance of acknowledging and embracing the good aspects of the past while continuing to evolve the culture. Ed highlights the positive changes that have occurred over time and discusses humans’ tendency toward loss aversion and nostalgia. Romy reinforces the idea that nostalgia indicates a culture worth looking back on and encourages a healthy balance between reminiscing the past and embracing change. 

Overall, the podcast episode provides valuable insights into the dynamic relationship between corporate culture and business performance. Listen now for perspectives on culture’s evolution, recruitment practices, and the impacts of happy employees on overall productivity.

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